Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL by Tiffany L. Warren

Zenovia, a clairvoyant, and her schizophrenic mother Audrey live in a one bedroom apartment in King Kennedy, a Cleveland housing project. Someone knocks on the door. Finally they call out, "We'd like to share the Gospel with you".

The Brethren of the Sacrifice church believe they are the true Christians. Audrey and Zenovia joined this church after going the first time. Not finding the praise and fellowship she found in other churches, Zenovia starts to question the beliefs of this new church. People are cast out for having sex before marriage or taking medication for diseases. Human condemning human as the result of this church's interpretation of the bible.

Zenovia knows things are wrong but what can she do. Could this be a cult religion? She flees town but at what cost to her. An exceptional book. Another must read!

Thanks Miriam for sending this my way.

3.75 stars
THE DOOMSDAY KEY by James Rollins

A famed geneticist dies inside a bio hazard lab at Princeton University. A Vatican archaeologist is found dead in St. Peter's Basilica. At a Red Cross camp in Africa, a U.S. senator's son is slain. Three murders bear a horrifying connection: a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh.

Commander Gray Pierce of Sigma Force searches for the truth with the aid of two women. The adventure races from the Roman Coliseum to Norway, to medieval abbeys, to the lost tombs of Celtic kings. Sigma Force confronts the greatest threat hidden inside an ancient artifact known as the Doomsday Key.

Time machine???? After reading this I question, "Could this be reality?"
How do we know what the government and bio companies really do? Is it safe what they do? This is fiction, BUT? We are just the lowly occupants of the earth, not in any form of control of anything but our own lives or are we? Unbelievable or believable? Wouldn't it be great to know what information is really being withheld from us?

I give this 4.25 stars
ICE TRAP by Kitty Sewell

A boy walks near the shores of Coronation Gulf, Arctic Ocean with his knapsack, his dog and his rifle. His heart quickens as he notices the fresh tracks of a polar bear. The boy and dog are a welcome sight of food. The fight for life ensues. The boy struggles to draw air in his lungs, finally relaxes with courage of impending death. The old man shuffled across the snow and says, "Come son, take my hand." As much as they strain, their fingers would not touch.

Surgeon Dafydd Woodruff received a letter from Moose Creek, Northwest Territories from Miranda and her twin brother Mark. She has written that he is her father and she is almost thirteen years old. Dafydd was a surgeon there fifteen years earlier but this could not be.... but DNA testing does not lie.

He leaves and goes back to the frozen North to confront all the demons he thought he'd left behind. He meets Miranda and Mark's mother, head nurse Sheila Hailey who leads him on a twisted merry chase to the truth.

Eskimos, Artic cold, polar bears, the perfect setting for this story. Young love lost and then found, but at a cost. Supposedly DNA testing doesn't lie but I believe it can be screwed up as it was in this story, the consequences possibly detrimental to the parties involved.

A baby is born and is a most wonderful experience to a husband and wife. This miniature person is the embodiment of both, developing his or her own personality as years of growth and nurturing abound.

A baby is stillborn at birth which is the most devastating experience to both husband and wife. This miniature person was the embodiment of both, unable to be nurtured, grow and develop his or her own personality.

The author took this reader on a roller coaster of emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and love to list a few. I could almost feel her pain; nine months of pregnancy only to loose the child moments before birth. This is a must read book and I give the author a great big thumbs up! The title is awesome for the story.

Thanks Miriam for sending the book.

A good 4.25 stars

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MALICE by Lisa Jackson

Rick Bentz is recovering in the hospital from an accident. As he opens his eyes he smells gardenias, the same perfume his wife Jennifer wore. He sees her. She blows him a kiss and disappears. It can't be because Jennifer died twelve years ago.

Recovering at home, Rick starts to see Jennifer everywhere, then she vanishes without a trace, slowly driving him nuts. He identified her in the morgue after her horrific accident. She can't be alive! But!!! Someone else was in the vehicle? His new wife Olivia would not understand any of this even though he knows she suspects something is wrong. Secrets!
Olivia has her own that she is keeping from Rick.

Off to Los Angeles Rick flies after receiving a copy of Jennifer's death certificate. He left the police force there after Jennifer's death and a shoot out with a kid and the kid lost. All bad memories being brought back to the surface. Reconnecting with his former LAPD colleagues, Rick starts piecing together Jennifer's last days. Murders start happening, each victim a part of Jennifer's past and all pointing to Rick as the prime suspect.

Someone knows what happened the night of Jennifer's accident and is anticipating every move Rick makes before he makes them. How? Why?
Rick needs to find out who and why as he finds his wife flew out to be with him and now she is missing and is in grave danger.

To be so twisted and ridden with hate that all one lives for for twelve years is revenge? I can't fathom this. Can someone give me a clue? I always want to know why? I gave this a big 5 stars. Great author, kept me thinking through the whole thing as to who dun it.
PLEA OF INSANITY by Jilliane Hoffman

Halloween, trick or treat, the Grim Reaper waits, homemade ghosts dangling from the branches of an oak, twisting in the gusty breeze. In the moonlight they glow an odd, bright white. A dog barks as night yawns toward morning.

Rookie Coral Gables PO Pete Colonna pulls his cruiser up the curb. The house belongs to a Dr. and Mrs. David Marquette. Dispatch has no history to pass along other than hearing "No daddy, No". Pete surveys the house, sees a tricycle and a spilled tub of sidewalk chalk, then makes his way to the front door. Ringing the bell and pounding on the massive door brings no response from inside. He calls in and is told to stand by and wait for his sergeant. Pete checks the outside around the house and finds no sign of entry. A cold, anxious feeling spreads through his bones.

Pete's flashlight breaks a small window. They call out, "Police! Everyone okay in here?" Quickly they move through the first floor. Someone should be up by now. Wrong house, no one home, or....... Pete and the Sergeant run for the stairs. Dark smears that look like footprints follow Pete down the hall. Moving his flashlight around he sees tiny red droplets splattered up onto the walls. He enters the room and completely falls apart........

Follow Assistant State Attorney Julia Vacanti on a journey from crime scene to court as she tries to find the defendant guilty of murdering his family. Is it intentional murder warranting the death penalty or was the defendant insane and eventually will walk? Help Julia find and gather the evidence, but will it be too much for her as she uncovers her own past and she, herself will go insane. Get right into the mind of the defendant of this story and try to figure out his plea of insanity. Oh, to be driven nuts for sure!

4.99 stars
TRUST NO ONE by Greg Hurwitz

At seventeen, Nick Horrigan makes a deadly mistake, one that will cost his stepfather his life, endangers his mother and sends himself into exile for many years.

Now, years later, he comes face to face with a terrorist threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor. Again Nick has to make a choice; pack up and run or listen and uncover the secrets that have held him hostage all these years.

Lies and deception, past horrors and deadly intrigues of the present, Nick finds his life and those he loves at risk and the only thing guiding him through it all is his stepfather's dying words: TRUST NO ONE.

Who can be trusted? Father? Mother? Siblings? Neighbor? Co-worker? Who can you trust? Imagine: The middle of the night, being ripped from your bed, shackled, blinded and led away without knowing where, who, what and why? This is a great mind blowing story and good read, start to finish!
DEAD MEN'S BOOTS by Mike Carey

Felix Castor is London-based ghost hunter. John Gittings, fellow exorcist of Castor, places several calls to Felix that go unanswered. When Felix finally does get back to John, he finds that his friend has met an untimely death.

An awful murder in King's Cross bears the markings of a dead serial killer. Of course, Castor has to get involved, fighting a battle for the body and soul of his demon possessed friend, Rafi, and thinking that all three incidents are related.

Juliet, Nicky Heath, and Castor work to fit the pieces together.

A bestselling thriller flying right out of this world. Great twists and turns. Tops the top!!!! Thanks Miriam and Hachette Books.
4.5 stars

Friday, November 20, 2009


Shani Hanna and Prince Rashid al Amir are due to get married except Shani doesn't know it. They are both students at Spencer Academy, friends since they were little.

Shani has had a great summer vacation with her friends, meeting Danyel Johnstone whom she likes a whole lot. Now school has resumed and Shani finds Prince Rashid inserting himself into her life, trying to cut her off from her friends.

Finally, she meets with her family only to find out things are not what they seem. The course has been set but Shani wants no part of it. Diamonds, money, travel, everything a girl could wish for but at what cost?

A modern day fairy tale, a book that is fun to read.
3.5 stars
by Zoey Dean

Taylor Henning just moved to LA. She got hired as an assistant in production at Metronome Studios. Her dream has always been to make movies. Stuttering, sweaty palms and clumsiness greets her first day on the job. Off she sends a postcard to Michael Demming, a director that made one movie which flopped big time after which he fled Hollywood. In Taylor's eyes he is the best director ever so she lets him know she has arrived in Hollywood.

Iris Whitaker, Vice President of Production welcomes Taylor to Metronome Studios. Iris introduces Taylor to the new first assistant, Kylie Arthur who gets Taylor set at her desk.

Iris calls a meeting together with the rest of the crew and where Taylor learns that reading scripts, magazine articles, books and blogs might bring forth the start of a new movie. As days pass, Taylor finds out what kind of person Kylie really is. She gets to meet Iris's sixteen year old daughter Quinn. Quinn takes on the challenge of helping Taylor build her self esteem and taking Kylie's job.

I'm not sure what to say except Quinn is a sixteen year old fire cracker trying to help an adult grow up by pulling the wool over her mother's eyes. I found the story hilariously funny and a great read.
3.5 stars

Thursday, November 12, 2009

RAVENS by George Dawes Green

The Boatwrights win $318 million in the Georgia State Lottery. It is the best and worst day of their lives.

Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko pull off I95 into a convenience store to fix their leaky tire. On the inside, Shawn happens to see the lottery winner's name and begins to hatch a scheme to squeeze the family for half of the prize.

That night, Shaw goes to visit the Boatwright's home and takes them hostage. His partner Romeo, drives around looking for the streets that the Boatwright's loved ones live on. He is prepared to murder at any sign on resistance from the Boatwrights.

The pressure builds and soon Shaw's plot of violence can't withstand the Boatwright's unraveling sanity.

Chilling and goose pimply! A modern day crime setting. Wimpy thugs pushing themselves into the lives of others, controlling them with thoughts of violence that may or may not happen. Do the Boatwright's overcome their fear and take back control of their lives? Just thinking about this story makes me angry. But, then what would I do in this situation? I want to believe I wouldn't fall prey like the Boatwright's. A very well written story that I can say built nicely and then blew up.

4 stars

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Nine Lessons by KEVIN ALAN MILNE

August Witte is terrified as he fins out his wife of seven years is pregnant and in seventh heaven about it. What does he know about fatherhood? Nada!

His father London, a widower since August was toddler, has taught him nothing. London is big into golf and a whole lot less into thoughts of his son.

August now confronts his father about his hatred of golf and of London's failure to be a father to him.

It took a bit for me to get to the meat of this story, but when it came, oh boy! What a great way London used to teach his son about fatherhood. But August is a little rebellious, wait, alot because he feels golf is such a waste of his time. But to spend time and learn from his dad, he goes along with the golf outings. The story kept building that I couldn't wait to get to the end. And end it does, but beautifully with a cute twist.

I gave it four stars

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

THE CASTAWAYS by Elin Hilderbrand

What happened between Greg MacAvoy and April Peck?
On the tiny island of Nantucket, everybody's business is everyone's business. When the charming music teacher Greg MacAvoy shares a rainy Sunday night with high school senior April Peck, rumors swarm the island like tourists on Memorial Day. The stories strain the marriage of Greg and his wife Tess. She herself is torn between the love for her husband and a secret of her own. The MacAvoy's head out on their boat to celebrate their anniversary but mysteriously both end up drowned. Their close friends are devastated and together they set out to answer the question: What happened to Greg and Tess MacAvoy?
This was a fun loving book that I envisioned myself reading at the beach under the warm sun. Back to reality and living along good old Lake Michigan, it's quite cold out so I'm reading this while soaking in the tub. Nantucket, boats tied in the harbor, best friends hanging out together with everybody knowing everyone else's business is similar to here in my home town. Don't be sneaky, someone is gonna see or hear. Who cares if nothing happens, the talk is great for those not affected. Secrets just harbor heartache as we see in this story for both Greg and Tess, their children and their friends. Those left behind pick up what's left and carry on. Mindless passion and tragic suspense causes reader to continue reading to get the answers to the questions.
4.25 stars

Friday, June 19, 2009

THE SCARECROW by Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy is at the end of the line as a crime reporter. Once a hotshot in the newsroom, Jack is now in the cross hairs of the latest set of layoffs at the Los Angeles Times. He decides to go out with a bang, using his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career.

Jack focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a sixteen year old drug dealer in jail after confessing to the brutal murder of a young woman found strangled in the trunk of her car. Jack plans to write abut how societal dysfunction and neglect created a teenage killer. But as he delves into the story, Jack realizes that Winslow's so-called confession is bogus. The kid might actually be innocent.

When Jack connects the L.A. trunk murder to an earlier murder in Las Vegas, he is off and running on the biggest story he's had since the Poet crossed his path years before. This time Jack is onto a killer who has worked completely below police and FBI radar - and with perfect knowledge of any move against him.

What Jack doesn't know is that his investigation has inadvertently set off a digital trip wire. The killer knows Jack is coming - and he's ready.

This is an awesome story. I was able to follow the characters right along and not get lost or tangled in the story. What a great way to leave a job by going out with such a great story. I found I couldn't put a face to Jack but yet I felt I might know him. Extremely well written and to me over the top. Kept looking at the author picture and saying to myself "I can't believe you wrote this" in a good way. Story could very well be happening today. Another one read start to finish. I give it the top. 5 stars
GHOST WRITER by Travis Thrasher

Dennis shore thrills his readers with spooky best selling novels. Now a widower, Dennis is alone in his house. His daughter, Audrye attending college out of state. Stricken with writers block, Dennis is desperate for a story to meet his deadline. He does the unthinkable and claims someone else's story as his own. At the book signing he is greeted by a young man named Cillian Reed - the true author of the manuscript.

Harassment quickly spirals out of control. Threats escalate and Dennis finds himself on the brink of losing his career, his sanity, even his life. The horror he has spent years writing about has arrived at his door, and Dennis has no where to run or hide.

This author has truely kept me thinking "what's going to happen next" through out this story. I had to pause, wondering what was real and what wasn't; what was true and what wasn't while reading this book. Through out I felt a continium of family and love through the characters and what unspent grief can do to a person. I found this book to be excellent and was able to read it in one sitting. 4.75 stars
SANTA OLIVIA by Jacqueline Carey

There is no pity and no escape from Santa Olivia. In this isolated military zone between the U.S. and Mexico the citizens are powerless. Loup Garron is born, daughter of a man called "Wolf Man" who is genetically manipulated by the government to be a weapon. He was engineered to have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, senses, as well as a total lack of fear. Named for her vanished faher, Loup has inherited his gifts.

Frustrated by the injustices visited upon her friends and neighbors by the military occupiers, Loup is determined to avenge her community. Aided by her fellow orphans, Loup takes on the guise of their patron saint, Santa Oliva, and setsout to deliver vigilante justice-aware that if she is caught, she could lose her freedom--and her life.

This is a tale of lies, terror and love. A tale of being different. Seeing our innerself and overcoming the obstacles and differences from other people. Loup used the cover of a patron saint. What do each of us use?
What do I use? At one time, probably everything I could find. But I've grown up and learned to stand up for myself. At times I back down to not make someone else feel less than they should. This story is very empowering and unforgettable from start to finish. Reminds me of "Fire Starter". 4.25 stars

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Holly Frick has just endured the worst kind of breakup: the kind where you're still in love with the person leaving you. While Holly's wounds are still dangerously close to the surface, her happily married best friend confesses over a bottle of wine that she is this close to having an affair. And another woman asks Holly for advice about her love life--with one of Holly's exes!
Holly decides that if everyone around her can take pleasure wherever they find it, so will she. As any self-respecting thirtyish New York woman would do, she brings two males into her life: a flawed but endearing dog and a good-natured, much younger lover. She's soon entangled in a web of emails, chance meetings, and misguided good intentions and must forge an entirely new path to Nirvana.

The author did a fantastic job telling this story. Such a whirlwind of events taking place in Holly's life, all on the quest to find love and happiness. A fun book to read while lying on a blanket under a tree.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A novel of World War II

Mac Brekendorf is a proud young German naval officer who fights for his country with honor and courage. He looks forward to the future with his fiancee, Mareth.
In the North Atlantic, Max faces the increasing strength of the allies during his missions. Berlin is being bombed continuously, making life for Mareth dangerous.
As The Third Reich is falling, Nazi loyalists are gaining strength. They are infiltrating Max's crew, turning their terror on Germany's own armed forces. Max has to choose between his loyalty to the Reich or his own morality.

It's been said WWI was a war to end all wars, yet 25 years later WWII takes place. This is a great story told from the German side of the war. I was able to understand a different point of view after reading this. The family that was lost, of loves challenge during turbulent times, and decisions that are made that could turn something simple into something disastrous. 4.25 stars

My grandfather chose morality when he was 16 and fled Germany. Not wanting to be in the Nazi movement, he came to America, leaving his parents and siblings and never returning to see them. Talk about a lost heritage!! His daughter went to Germany to seek family but gramps spoke no English when he arrived and we believe his name was written by what the person at customs heard, not necessarily correct. He gave up minimal information before he died, just that he had a brother and a sister and wouldn't give their names. I believe because he left he was disowned and told never to come back, he was dead to his parents. So sad!!!! He was a cool "gramps" though. Would love to take us for rides in his Model A going nowhere. He had the greatest accent when he spoke and spoke German when we kids were not suppose to know what was said.
CEMETERY DANCE by Douglas Preston and Linda Child

Vincent D'Agosta surveys the crime scene of New York Times reporter William Smithbeck Jr who was brutally attached and killed. The crime is simple, disorganized and messy. The killer - deceased, Colin Fearing who was found floating in the Harlem River ten days earlier.
FBI Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is on the case along with Caitlyn Kidd, and up and coming crime scene reporter looking for the big scoop to raise her to fame.

Prepare to take a journey with the walking dead!!! Visit the dark and creepy dungeons and catacombs under a church. Encounter "the great spirit" of a cult who own the church. Lots of ups, downs, twists and turns to find a killer. Excellent reading. 4.25 stars

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Peggy Adams awakes to a strange man in her bed. She remembers nothing after celebrating with her friends the night before. Looking around she is horrified to find she is married to the stranger in her bed.
Hunky Luke Sedgwick is the last of the New Nivevah, Connecticut Sedgwicks. He lives with his eccentric Aunt Abigail in the old family home that is falling down around their ears and eating up all the family funds.
Luke would be perfect for Peggy except she is pre-engaged to her live in boy friend of seven years, Brock, who can't make up his mind to get married.

A delightful story revealing the importance of communications with others. Aunt Abigail offers Luke (down to earth poet) and Peggy (free spirited) a challenge of a lifetime. Do they stay married or get divorced? Does Peggy follow her heart? 4 star reading.

If I was Peggy, Brock would have been gone a long time ago. He's too hung on himself. Sorry! I believe opposites attract. Yes, you need some things in common but not all, for there would go the spice needed to stay together. Ex: I read, my husband sleeps! Ha! Ha! Ha!

GALWAY BAY by Mary Pat Kelly

Honora Keeley and Michael Kelly wed and start a family in Ireland. They find peace in their ancient faith, stories and songs.
Coming from a family of fishermen and tenant farmers, they sell both their crops and catch from the sea to pay the high rents and taxes imposed on them by the landlord and the government. They live on the only thing left to them, potatoes.
A potato blight in three of four years brings about The Great Starvation that kills one million Irish people. Wanting to survive, Honora and Michael join the other Irish refugees trying to emigrate from Ireland to America.

A beautifully written story spanning several generations. Follow Michael, Honora and her sister Maire in their journey of survival, the many hardships they endure while seeking a better life to carry on their Irish heritage. 4.25 stars
Could we today endure even a tiny bit of this story? Would we have the know how to even grow food? How to survive in the winter????

Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

In the midst of the maze at St. Elizabeth school, a group of boys are trying to scare one another. They end up at the ghostly white statue of the Madonna. Pushing and shoving, one of the boys stumbles and falls, brushing his hands against the ground, unearthing buried bones.

Twenty years ago, Jessie Brentwood goes missing from St. Elizabeth's school. Her friends believed she ran away. But did she?
Jessie's old school friends gather together believing the buried body that was unearthed is Jessie's. Soon, some of these friends start dying from freak accidents.
Becca Sutcliff is rattled by the deaths and believes she is being followed. Is evil lurking in the shadows?
A great mystery unraveling supressed knowledge. What is the old family secret? Love still burst forth amid the mayhem, just like flowers in the spring. Nice 4 stars.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ryan Evans, an intelligence officer overseas in the war zone, was captured by insurgents and escaped but not before he was tormented in the most abominable way, mimicking the serial killer BoneMan. Back in the states his wife Celine and daughter Bethany get on with their lives. Ryan has not been there for them before and they don't want him now that he is back home.

BoneMan is looking for the perfect daughter. He kidnaps girls and imperfection results in his breaking their bones and leaving them to die. Bethany is now in his clutches. She is just as good as her dad in trying to outsmart the BoneMan. Ryan is in custody because the authorities think he is the BoneMan but he gets away.

Ryan and the BoneMan come face to face and each tries to out smart the other. Will Ryan be able to give up himself to save Bethany? Will Bethany give up herself to save Ryan? Who really is her dad?

A great 5 star spine tingling thriller. Gets right under the skin and won't let go till the end. The twisted mind of the serial killer almost makes sense, but what he does to his victims is pure insanity. Thanks Miriam and Hatchette books for sending this to me.

First Family by David Baldacci

Willa's 12th birthday is held at Camp David, given to her by her aunt Jane who is the first lady. Her mom Pam looks around and sees balloons, cake and kids having fun inside, but outside she sees machine guns and guards on patrol. Her husband Tuck is Jane's brother who happens to be away on business and missing his daughter's birthday.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, both former secret service agents, are at Willa's house and hear a scream. They are met with bullets flying thru the locked door. Pam is dead, her throat cut. Her children Colleen and John drugged, Tuck is unconscious. Willa has been kidnapped!

Tippi has been in a coma for many years, her dad wanting justice for his daughter. Another kidnapping, more murders and cover ups lead Sean and Michelle on a merry chase.

An intriguing and suspenseful mystery to the end. Another great 5 star story. So great it could be real. Love to read Baldacci's books. Thanks Miriam and Hatchette for the book.
THE LOST HOURS by Karen White

Piper has just buried her grandmother Annabelle and now she is all alone. She came to live with her grandparents at the age of six after her parents died in a car crash. Annabelle's attorney has delivered to Piper an envelope containing only a charm. What does it mean? No note or explaination!

She digs up a forgotten box buried in the garden. It contains old, torn scrapbook pages and a newspaper clipping telling of a baby found floating in a river. She reads and learns about the lives of three best friends who recorded their thoughts, dreams and loves. Where are the rest of the pages? Piper embarks on a journey through her grandmother's life where love, death, and lost friends are found.

Such a tragic story resulting from a tragic time in our history. I give the book 5 stars. How cruel we humans can be to one another. I actually was mad at some of the characters, how dare they not tell the truth, to allow someone to believe all the way to the grave that they did something that they didn't!!! GAAAAH! Thanks Tess for the book.

FOLLOW ME by Joanna Scott

Sally Werner, a free spirited, adventurous 16 year old has a baby with her cousin thus disgracing her family. She leaves all behind, including the baby, to see the world and never looks back. She is found starving by two elderly gentlemen, one of which takes her in, providing her room and board in return for her keeping his house clean. But she can't stay forever.

On her own again, Sally Mole is created out of a love that is tragically
lost. In a daze, she is befriended by Benny who takes advantage of her and she becomes pregnant again. A new job, a place to stay and her new daughter Penelope causes her heart to sing.

Sally Bliss is created from all her happiness, how much better can it get? Her grown daughter is in love but the boy seems familiar. Can it be? She turns to her past, seeking the answers.
This was a great story. I love how the end goes back to the beginning and the cycle starts all over again. 4.5 stars

Sunday, March 29, 2009

THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE by David Cristofano

Torn from friends, school and home, Melody Grace McCartney is running for her life. A six year old, along with her parents witness a mob killing. The family is put into protective custody with a new name, a new life and in a new town.

Once again she must move and is wisked away. She is protected but encounters Jonathan Bovaro, the very one she is running from. He talks her into coming with him, that she is safe. She learns from him, a child himself, that he was the one to give information to his father about the witnesses to the killing many years before. Ultimately, she looses her parents to it also.

She comes to know why she has been on the run all these years and learns to love. When will this all end? It's all up to Jonathan and his doing the right thing.

A tragic story but a extremely good one. Could very well be true. To live in a make believe life is unimaginable. No contact even with family is unthinkable to me. On a scale of 1 to 5 I rate it an 8. Thank you Miriam for sending it to Tess who gave it to me to read for her.

FIFTY IS NOT A FOUR-LETTER WORD a novel by Linda Kelsey

Hope is a middle aged woman who has a great job, a husband that loves her and a son getting ready to head off to college. She is also terrified because she is turning the big 50.

In her angst, she loses her job, drives her husband away, disgusts her son and has a fling with another guy on a little jaunt she takes to clear her head.

Getting it together she treks up a mountain with friends, gets another job that is even better, I believe, and tries to win her husband back. She is on the way to overcoming the big 50.

This story is funny and sad at the same time. I passed that number a long time ago and was told by a friend that when one hits 50 all hell breaks loose. I like me just as I am, maybe a little slower doing things but hey, what's the rush. I'm still waiting for everything to break loose!

Thanks again Miriam and Hatchette book group for a great 4 point book.

THE MAKEDOWN by Gitty Daneshvari

New York, are you ready? Here comes funny, plain, obese Anna Norton who leaves behind her all American dysfunctional family for the big apple. She gets hired by a caterer, who in a most underhanded way helps Anna to shed pounds and start to like herself more.

She meets the hunky, healthy, outgoing, well built, slim and trim, Ben who likes her. Not believing her luck in landing Ben, her jealousy rears its ugly head leading her on a road of unbelievable ways of redoing Ben so no one can steal him away.

Will her ideas work? What are the repercussions if he finds out? Unbelievably nutty and funny to read. A four on my scale.
Thanks Miriam for sending the book.

ANGEL OF WRATH a novel by Bill Myers

A mega church is loosing it members to a serial killer. Charlie Madison, a retired agent, his quirky teenage niece Jaz, and his defunct FBI agent friend Lisa pull together as a group to solve the murders.

They are lead to a young coven of teens who have offered sacrifices to the underworld, calling up a terrible demon who trys to destroy everyone. Both the killer and demon go after the founder of the mega church who just happens to be Lisa's father. Will she save him, herself and the others before they are all murdered?

A must read for those thrill seekers who love the clash between Heaven and Hell! A great 5 star book. Thanks to Miriam for sending this book my way.

Friday, March 27, 2009

AFRAID by Jack Kilborn

Safe Haven, a small town, miles from everywhere in the north woods of Wisconsin. A chopper stirs the quiet, crashes; an explosion is heard. The pilots are found nearly beheaded in the mangled wreckage. A tortured soul screams, begging for release by death.

A special ops force terrorizes the town. Blood runs as water down the drain in the high school gym. Always the question, "Where is Warren?"

The sheriff, a lone firefighter, a single mom and her son run for their lives but from whom, and why is somebody trying to kill them?

OH! MY! GOD! A most intense thriller, compelling the reader forward from start to finish. A 30 on a scale of 1 to 5. If you love thrillers, this is one for you. I even had to take it to my grandson's birthday party to sneak reading it, it was so good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLACK FOR REMEMBRANCE by Charlene Thompson

The phone rings, its answered and the listener hears the voice of a little girl who says "mommie, help me!" The voice belongs to Hayley who was kidnapped and murdered 20 years ago. Hayley's clown doll "Twinkles" appears and disappears.

Several murders take place and at each of their funerals a mysterious bouquet of black orchids appears and disappears. Attached to the bouquest is a note card with the deceased person name on it and the words "Black for Remembrance" written in a childs handwriting.

Caroline and David with their two children Melinda and Greg as well as Caroline's exhusband are living a nightmare. Friends are murdered and they don't know why or who is doing it. Has Hayley really come back from the grave????

Kidnapping, murders, a pedophile, and a maid who believes in voodoo are all rolled into this book.

Monday, February 23, 2009


9/11 Trilogy Book 3
Karen Kingsbury

The Twin Towers in New York fall. Firefighter Ben Brady lost his life doing what he loved to do, but he leaves behind his son Alex who can't believe this happened and his dad is gone. As soon as Alex can he moves to the West Coast, leaving behind his mother and the love of his life, Holly.

His passion is to fight crime so he becomes a sheriff with a K9 partner named Bo. Nothing is to dangerous for the team.

An environmental terrorist group is targeting a new subdivision of expensive homes in the San Fernando Valley. Dry conditions, blowing winds and arsonists heat the story up. Trapped by fire and facing sure death, the walls Alex erected around his heart start tumbling down........

A good 5 star story on how a person might protect oneself from pain that arrises from an uncontrolled circumstance in life.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Spoonful of Poision by M.C. Beaton

An Agatha Raisin Mystery

Agatha Raisin is a highly successful detective who needs time off. Making the decision to not work so much, she now has time on her hands, so when the vicar from a nearby village comes asking for her help, she gives it. She sets up a bazaar which has a great turnout of people and lots of money is made. LSD laced jam in the tasting booth kills two women.

She and her young, pretty sidekick Toni set out to solve the murders. They keep the money from the bazaar safe by having the vicar put it in the bank for which Agatha puts herself in danger. Searching for the dealer of the LSD puts everyone in danger. They proceed to expose sinister characters in the village which just turns everything upside down.

Great read, 4 stars from me.

RADIOMAN by Carol Edgemon Hipperson

An Eyewitness Account of Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific

Ray Daves was just a 16 year old renegade teenager when he felt life on the farm in Little Rock was not what he wanted. He dropped out of school and enlisted in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), with his parents permission. For the next six months in Idaho he planted trees on the hillsides to stop soil erosion, dug irrigation ditches for farmers or built roads for loggers. Ray enrolled in classes to help himself get ahead.

He lies to get into the Navy at seventeen, goes thru basic training and gets accepted into radio school and passes. His orders come to board the Cruiser Richmond and goes out to sea. Part of his job is to board a Kingfisher plane and be catapulted from the ship that flies to San Diego to retrieve the mail for the guys. Everyone talks of the war in Europe but at this time America is not committed to it.

One of his best friends was the radioman on the Arizona that was sunk in Pearl Harbor. He tells of the day, Sunday morning, December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked us, what he witnessed, and how he assisted after the attack.

A very riveting five star story from a survivor of history.

Her Wedding Wish by Jillian Hart

A heart warming, five star, romance book.

Danielle and Jonas are the all American family with two children, Tyler and Madison. One day the phone rings and Danielle gets the dreaded call, "your husband has been shot in the line of duty." She rushes to his side, every thought of their life they have now and what she might find once she gets to his room, runs through her mind. She finds him in a coma, hooked to all sorts of machines beeping, whirring and ticking. "Please dear god, let him live."

Jonas wakes and realizes he does not know the woman sleeping by his side. He spends a year rehabilitating and finally the day comes to go home. Danielle realizes the man sitting in the seat beside her in the car is a virtual stranger, but she loves him nonetheless. No matter what, she will keep the family together and prays that Jonas will remember their life. But, how will Danielle help him to accomplish this?

Pictures! Their wedding day, honeymoon, birth of each of their children, school events, family gatherings, all found in books Danielle has put together. Jonas asks many questions, trying his best to recall his memory, but in the end, they find that they need to create new memories with each other, the kids, and their families and friends. The challenge is great, but their love for each other becomes greater and helps them overcome all barriers.

As I finished the book I asked myself, "What would I do in that situation?" Would I be as strong? I don't know.