Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLACK FOR REMEMBRANCE by Charlene Thompson

The phone rings, its answered and the listener hears the voice of a little girl who says "mommie, help me!" The voice belongs to Hayley who was kidnapped and murdered 20 years ago. Hayley's clown doll "Twinkles" appears and disappears.

Several murders take place and at each of their funerals a mysterious bouquet of black orchids appears and disappears. Attached to the bouquest is a note card with the deceased person name on it and the words "Black for Remembrance" written in a childs handwriting.

Caroline and David with their two children Melinda and Greg as well as Caroline's exhusband are living a nightmare. Friends are murdered and they don't know why or who is doing it. Has Hayley really come back from the grave????

Kidnapping, murders, a pedophile, and a maid who believes in voodoo are all rolled into this book.

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