Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MALICE by Lisa Jackson

Rick Bentz is recovering in the hospital from an accident. As he opens his eyes he smells gardenias, the same perfume his wife Jennifer wore. He sees her. She blows him a kiss and disappears. It can't be because Jennifer died twelve years ago.

Recovering at home, Rick starts to see Jennifer everywhere, then she vanishes without a trace, slowly driving him nuts. He identified her in the morgue after her horrific accident. She can't be alive! But!!! Someone else was in the vehicle? His new wife Olivia would not understand any of this even though he knows she suspects something is wrong. Secrets!
Olivia has her own that she is keeping from Rick.

Off to Los Angeles Rick flies after receiving a copy of Jennifer's death certificate. He left the police force there after Jennifer's death and a shoot out with a kid and the kid lost. All bad memories being brought back to the surface. Reconnecting with his former LAPD colleagues, Rick starts piecing together Jennifer's last days. Murders start happening, each victim a part of Jennifer's past and all pointing to Rick as the prime suspect.

Someone knows what happened the night of Jennifer's accident and is anticipating every move Rick makes before he makes them. How? Why?
Rick needs to find out who and why as he finds his wife flew out to be with him and now she is missing and is in grave danger.

To be so twisted and ridden with hate that all one lives for for twelve years is revenge? I can't fathom this. Can someone give me a clue? I always want to know why? I gave this a big 5 stars. Great author, kept me thinking through the whole thing as to who dun it.
PLEA OF INSANITY by Jilliane Hoffman

Halloween, trick or treat, the Grim Reaper waits, homemade ghosts dangling from the branches of an oak, twisting in the gusty breeze. In the moonlight they glow an odd, bright white. A dog barks as night yawns toward morning.

Rookie Coral Gables PO Pete Colonna pulls his cruiser up the curb. The house belongs to a Dr. and Mrs. David Marquette. Dispatch has no history to pass along other than hearing "No daddy, No". Pete surveys the house, sees a tricycle and a spilled tub of sidewalk chalk, then makes his way to the front door. Ringing the bell and pounding on the massive door brings no response from inside. He calls in and is told to stand by and wait for his sergeant. Pete checks the outside around the house and finds no sign of entry. A cold, anxious feeling spreads through his bones.

Pete's flashlight breaks a small window. They call out, "Police! Everyone okay in here?" Quickly they move through the first floor. Someone should be up by now. Wrong house, no one home, or....... Pete and the Sergeant run for the stairs. Dark smears that look like footprints follow Pete down the hall. Moving his flashlight around he sees tiny red droplets splattered up onto the walls. He enters the room and completely falls apart........

Follow Assistant State Attorney Julia Vacanti on a journey from crime scene to court as she tries to find the defendant guilty of murdering his family. Is it intentional murder warranting the death penalty or was the defendant insane and eventually will walk? Help Julia find and gather the evidence, but will it be too much for her as she uncovers her own past and she, herself will go insane. Get right into the mind of the defendant of this story and try to figure out his plea of insanity. Oh, to be driven nuts for sure!

4.99 stars
TRUST NO ONE by Greg Hurwitz

At seventeen, Nick Horrigan makes a deadly mistake, one that will cost his stepfather his life, endangers his mother and sends himself into exile for many years.

Now, years later, he comes face to face with a terrorist threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor. Again Nick has to make a choice; pack up and run or listen and uncover the secrets that have held him hostage all these years.

Lies and deception, past horrors and deadly intrigues of the present, Nick finds his life and those he loves at risk and the only thing guiding him through it all is his stepfather's dying words: TRUST NO ONE.

Who can be trusted? Father? Mother? Siblings? Neighbor? Co-worker? Who can you trust? Imagine: The middle of the night, being ripped from your bed, shackled, blinded and led away without knowing where, who, what and why? This is a great mind blowing story and good read, start to finish!
DEAD MEN'S BOOTS by Mike Carey

Felix Castor is London-based ghost hunter. John Gittings, fellow exorcist of Castor, places several calls to Felix that go unanswered. When Felix finally does get back to John, he finds that his friend has met an untimely death.

An awful murder in King's Cross bears the markings of a dead serial killer. Of course, Castor has to get involved, fighting a battle for the body and soul of his demon possessed friend, Rafi, and thinking that all three incidents are related.

Juliet, Nicky Heath, and Castor work to fit the pieces together.

A bestselling thriller flying right out of this world. Great twists and turns. Tops the top!!!! Thanks Miriam and Hachette Books.
4.5 stars