Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL by Tiffany L. Warren

Zenovia, a clairvoyant, and her schizophrenic mother Audrey live in a one bedroom apartment in King Kennedy, a Cleveland housing project. Someone knocks on the door. Finally they call out, "We'd like to share the Gospel with you".

The Brethren of the Sacrifice church believe they are the true Christians. Audrey and Zenovia joined this church after going the first time. Not finding the praise and fellowship she found in other churches, Zenovia starts to question the beliefs of this new church. People are cast out for having sex before marriage or taking medication for diseases. Human condemning human as the result of this church's interpretation of the bible.

Zenovia knows things are wrong but what can she do. Could this be a cult religion? She flees town but at what cost to her. An exceptional book. Another must read!

Thanks Miriam for sending this my way.

3.75 stars

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