Sunday, June 7, 2009


Peggy Adams awakes to a strange man in her bed. She remembers nothing after celebrating with her friends the night before. Looking around she is horrified to find she is married to the stranger in her bed.
Hunky Luke Sedgwick is the last of the New Nivevah, Connecticut Sedgwicks. He lives with his eccentric Aunt Abigail in the old family home that is falling down around their ears and eating up all the family funds.
Luke would be perfect for Peggy except she is pre-engaged to her live in boy friend of seven years, Brock, who can't make up his mind to get married.

A delightful story revealing the importance of communications with others. Aunt Abigail offers Luke (down to earth poet) and Peggy (free spirited) a challenge of a lifetime. Do they stay married or get divorced? Does Peggy follow her heart? 4 star reading.

If I was Peggy, Brock would have been gone a long time ago. He's too hung on himself. Sorry! I believe opposites attract. Yes, you need some things in common but not all, for there would go the spice needed to stay together. Ex: I read, my husband sleeps! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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