Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ryan Evans, an intelligence officer overseas in the war zone, was captured by insurgents and escaped but not before he was tormented in the most abominable way, mimicking the serial killer BoneMan. Back in the states his wife Celine and daughter Bethany get on with their lives. Ryan has not been there for them before and they don't want him now that he is back home.

BoneMan is looking for the perfect daughter. He kidnaps girls and imperfection results in his breaking their bones and leaving them to die. Bethany is now in his clutches. She is just as good as her dad in trying to outsmart the BoneMan. Ryan is in custody because the authorities think he is the BoneMan but he gets away.

Ryan and the BoneMan come face to face and each tries to out smart the other. Will Ryan be able to give up himself to save Bethany? Will Bethany give up herself to save Ryan? Who really is her dad?

A great 5 star spine tingling thriller. Gets right under the skin and won't let go till the end. The twisted mind of the serial killer almost makes sense, but what he does to his victims is pure insanity. Thanks Miriam and Hatchette books for sending this to me.

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