Thursday, November 12, 2009

RAVENS by George Dawes Green

The Boatwrights win $318 million in the Georgia State Lottery. It is the best and worst day of their lives.

Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko pull off I95 into a convenience store to fix their leaky tire. On the inside, Shawn happens to see the lottery winner's name and begins to hatch a scheme to squeeze the family for half of the prize.

That night, Shaw goes to visit the Boatwright's home and takes them hostage. His partner Romeo, drives around looking for the streets that the Boatwright's loved ones live on. He is prepared to murder at any sign on resistance from the Boatwrights.

The pressure builds and soon Shaw's plot of violence can't withstand the Boatwright's unraveling sanity.

Chilling and goose pimply! A modern day crime setting. Wimpy thugs pushing themselves into the lives of others, controlling them with thoughts of violence that may or may not happen. Do the Boatwright's overcome their fear and take back control of their lives? Just thinking about this story makes me angry. But, then what would I do in this situation? I want to believe I wouldn't fall prey like the Boatwright's. A very well written story that I can say built nicely and then blew up.

4 stars

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