Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ICE TRAP by Kitty Sewell

A boy walks near the shores of Coronation Gulf, Arctic Ocean with his knapsack, his dog and his rifle. His heart quickens as he notices the fresh tracks of a polar bear. The boy and dog are a welcome sight of food. The fight for life ensues. The boy struggles to draw air in his lungs, finally relaxes with courage of impending death. The old man shuffled across the snow and says, "Come son, take my hand." As much as they strain, their fingers would not touch.

Surgeon Dafydd Woodruff received a letter from Moose Creek, Northwest Territories from Miranda and her twin brother Mark. She has written that he is her father and she is almost thirteen years old. Dafydd was a surgeon there fifteen years earlier but this could not be.... but DNA testing does not lie.

He leaves and goes back to the frozen North to confront all the demons he thought he'd left behind. He meets Miranda and Mark's mother, head nurse Sheila Hailey who leads him on a twisted merry chase to the truth.

Eskimos, Artic cold, polar bears, the perfect setting for this story. Young love lost and then found, but at a cost. Supposedly DNA testing doesn't lie but I believe it can be screwed up as it was in this story, the consequences possibly detrimental to the parties involved.

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