Friday, November 20, 2009

by Zoey Dean

Taylor Henning just moved to LA. She got hired as an assistant in production at Metronome Studios. Her dream has always been to make movies. Stuttering, sweaty palms and clumsiness greets her first day on the job. Off she sends a postcard to Michael Demming, a director that made one movie which flopped big time after which he fled Hollywood. In Taylor's eyes he is the best director ever so she lets him know she has arrived in Hollywood.

Iris Whitaker, Vice President of Production welcomes Taylor to Metronome Studios. Iris introduces Taylor to the new first assistant, Kylie Arthur who gets Taylor set at her desk.

Iris calls a meeting together with the rest of the crew and where Taylor learns that reading scripts, magazine articles, books and blogs might bring forth the start of a new movie. As days pass, Taylor finds out what kind of person Kylie really is. She gets to meet Iris's sixteen year old daughter Quinn. Quinn takes on the challenge of helping Taylor build her self esteem and taking Kylie's job.

I'm not sure what to say except Quinn is a sixteen year old fire cracker trying to help an adult grow up by pulling the wool over her mother's eyes. I found the story hilariously funny and a great read.
3.5 stars

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