Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A novel of World War II

Mac Brekendorf is a proud young German naval officer who fights for his country with honor and courage. He looks forward to the future with his fiancee, Mareth.
In the North Atlantic, Max faces the increasing strength of the allies during his missions. Berlin is being bombed continuously, making life for Mareth dangerous.
As The Third Reich is falling, Nazi loyalists are gaining strength. They are infiltrating Max's crew, turning their terror on Germany's own armed forces. Max has to choose between his loyalty to the Reich or his own morality.

It's been said WWI was a war to end all wars, yet 25 years later WWII takes place. This is a great story told from the German side of the war. I was able to understand a different point of view after reading this. The family that was lost, of loves challenge during turbulent times, and decisions that are made that could turn something simple into something disastrous. 4.25 stars

My grandfather chose morality when he was 16 and fled Germany. Not wanting to be in the Nazi movement, he came to America, leaving his parents and siblings and never returning to see them. Talk about a lost heritage!! His daughter went to Germany to seek family but gramps spoke no English when he arrived and we believe his name was written by what the person at customs heard, not necessarily correct. He gave up minimal information before he died, just that he had a brother and a sister and wouldn't give their names. I believe because he left he was disowned and told never to come back, he was dead to his parents. So sad!!!! He was a cool "gramps" though. Would love to take us for rides in his Model A going nowhere. He had the greatest accent when he spoke and spoke German when we kids were not suppose to know what was said.

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