Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MALICE by Lisa Jackson

Rick Bentz is recovering in the hospital from an accident. As he opens his eyes he smells gardenias, the same perfume his wife Jennifer wore. He sees her. She blows him a kiss and disappears. It can't be because Jennifer died twelve years ago.

Recovering at home, Rick starts to see Jennifer everywhere, then she vanishes without a trace, slowly driving him nuts. He identified her in the morgue after her horrific accident. She can't be alive! But!!! Someone else was in the vehicle? His new wife Olivia would not understand any of this even though he knows she suspects something is wrong. Secrets!
Olivia has her own that she is keeping from Rick.

Off to Los Angeles Rick flies after receiving a copy of Jennifer's death certificate. He left the police force there after Jennifer's death and a shoot out with a kid and the kid lost. All bad memories being brought back to the surface. Reconnecting with his former LAPD colleagues, Rick starts piecing together Jennifer's last days. Murders start happening, each victim a part of Jennifer's past and all pointing to Rick as the prime suspect.

Someone knows what happened the night of Jennifer's accident and is anticipating every move Rick makes before he makes them. How? Why?
Rick needs to find out who and why as he finds his wife flew out to be with him and now she is missing and is in grave danger.

To be so twisted and ridden with hate that all one lives for for twelve years is revenge? I can't fathom this. Can someone give me a clue? I always want to know why? I gave this a big 5 stars. Great author, kept me thinking through the whole thing as to who dun it.

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