Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush

In the midst of the maze at St. Elizabeth school, a group of boys are trying to scare one another. They end up at the ghostly white statue of the Madonna. Pushing and shoving, one of the boys stumbles and falls, brushing his hands against the ground, unearthing buried bones.

Twenty years ago, Jessie Brentwood goes missing from St. Elizabeth's school. Her friends believed she ran away. But did she?
Jessie's old school friends gather together believing the buried body that was unearthed is Jessie's. Soon, some of these friends start dying from freak accidents.
Becca Sutcliff is rattled by the deaths and believes she is being followed. Is evil lurking in the shadows?
A great mystery unraveling supressed knowledge. What is the old family secret? Love still burst forth amid the mayhem, just like flowers in the spring. Nice 4 stars.

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