Sunday, April 26, 2009

FOLLOW ME by Joanna Scott

Sally Werner, a free spirited, adventurous 16 year old has a baby with her cousin thus disgracing her family. She leaves all behind, including the baby, to see the world and never looks back. She is found starving by two elderly gentlemen, one of which takes her in, providing her room and board in return for her keeping his house clean. But she can't stay forever.

On her own again, Sally Mole is created out of a love that is tragically
lost. In a daze, she is befriended by Benny who takes advantage of her and she becomes pregnant again. A new job, a place to stay and her new daughter Penelope causes her heart to sing.

Sally Bliss is created from all her happiness, how much better can it get? Her grown daughter is in love but the boy seems familiar. Can it be? She turns to her past, seeking the answers.
This was a great story. I love how the end goes back to the beginning and the cycle starts all over again. 4.5 stars

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