Wednesday, December 2, 2009

TRUST NO ONE by Greg Hurwitz

At seventeen, Nick Horrigan makes a deadly mistake, one that will cost his stepfather his life, endangers his mother and sends himself into exile for many years.

Now, years later, he comes face to face with a terrorist threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor. Again Nick has to make a choice; pack up and run or listen and uncover the secrets that have held him hostage all these years.

Lies and deception, past horrors and deadly intrigues of the present, Nick finds his life and those he loves at risk and the only thing guiding him through it all is his stepfather's dying words: TRUST NO ONE.

Who can be trusted? Father? Mother? Siblings? Neighbor? Co-worker? Who can you trust? Imagine: The middle of the night, being ripped from your bed, shackled, blinded and led away without knowing where, who, what and why? This is a great mind blowing story and good read, start to finish!

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