Monday, February 16, 2009

Her Wedding Wish by Jillian Hart

A heart warming, five star, romance book.

Danielle and Jonas are the all American family with two children, Tyler and Madison. One day the phone rings and Danielle gets the dreaded call, "your husband has been shot in the line of duty." She rushes to his side, every thought of their life they have now and what she might find once she gets to his room, runs through her mind. She finds him in a coma, hooked to all sorts of machines beeping, whirring and ticking. "Please dear god, let him live."

Jonas wakes and realizes he does not know the woman sleeping by his side. He spends a year rehabilitating and finally the day comes to go home. Danielle realizes the man sitting in the seat beside her in the car is a virtual stranger, but she loves him nonetheless. No matter what, she will keep the family together and prays that Jonas will remember their life. But, how will Danielle help him to accomplish this?

Pictures! Their wedding day, honeymoon, birth of each of their children, school events, family gatherings, all found in books Danielle has put together. Jonas asks many questions, trying his best to recall his memory, but in the end, they find that they need to create new memories with each other, the kids, and their families and friends. The challenge is great, but their love for each other becomes greater and helps them overcome all barriers.

As I finished the book I asked myself, "What would I do in that situation?" Would I be as strong? I don't know.

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