Sunday, April 18, 2010

KILLER WEEKEND by Ridley Pearson

In Sun Valley, a playground for the rich, U.S. Attorney General Elizabeth Shaler returned to be the key speaker at billionaire Patrick Cutter's media and communications conference for business tycoons. Between her and County Sheriff Walt Fleming stands a killer who threatens Shaler's life. Walt's plate fills quickly with a potential murder and the arrest of his nephew. As the clock keeps ticking, we will see how precise the preparations for murder are.

The plot is sharp and interwoven with family matters. The author is brilliant in his telling of the story. He calls for the Secret Service, the FBI, Cutter's own security people, all of which are now jockeying for position with the Sheriff and the case. The reader is able to follow along nicely, right up to the end. The hitman is beautifully portrayed as a passerby on the sidewalk, anytown, USA. Here is the link to the author's site to read more from this book.

Near the top: 4.75 stars


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  2. HI Sandy, I like the assortment of books that you've been reviewing. I'll be back.