Monday, April 12, 2010

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A killer is on a path of death throughout the states. He chooses the most beautiful women and is killing them in the name of love. His tally is six so far. Special Agent Brad Raines has been on his tail, but the killer is allusive. Hand written notes are left at the scene of each crime, but that is it. No DNA from the killer is found. Still with no leads, Agent Raines enlists the help of gifted, mentally ill residents from the private, Center for Wellness and Intelligence. A psychotic resident named Paradise is asked to help, falling deeply in love with Brad Raines. With a fear of the outside world, a few of the residents and Special Agent Raines set out to solve the crimes and catch the killer. Follow the trail of drugs, drills, and THE BRIDAL VEIL.

In the minds of readers, a flower will unfold. Another fantastic thriller from the author. Loved the suspense right till the end. This book was read by me in about 4 hours, just could not put down. I loved how the story just kept building with twists and turns. Just who was going to end up dead next? I was amazed how the author entwined all the characters, and how Brad felt about love in the beginning of the book, but was a changed man at the end. Great!!!

4.75 stars and thank you Miriam for sending the book.

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